Happy Birthday, EastCoastTester.com!!

EastCoastTester.com is one year old TODAY! 🎂


Last June, we couldn’t have predicted the fun, challenge, satisfaction and excitement of launching our website, EastCoastTester.com. Yet, here we are… our baby is one year old.



It’s all been Fun (that’s a capital F) but the car meets, shows and cruises of last spring, summer and fall, during the heydays of the Atlantic Bubble, stand out.

Wednesday evenings found us checking out the classic metal at Vernon’s Thunderbird Diner. Of course, there was plenty of gawking, walking and talking at the A&W at Woodside on Thursday evenings. Then Friday nights, we’d head to Masstown Market to catch the hundreds of antique beauties on display there.



Along the way, we got to know the folks behind the wheels of the coddled cars, including a younger generation of car lovers and owners.



Over the summer and fall, Petitcodiac and Moncton in New Brunswick offered a toned-down schedule with some meets and shows. Brackley Beach Drive-In on Prince Edward Island was a stand-out venue for car shows, too.



So many great ways to check out the collector car scene in Atlantic Canada!

Cruises to Peggy’s Cove, the Annapolis Valley, New Brunswick’s Mount Carleton, the beaches of Prince Edward Island and thousands of kilometres of highways and byways kept the roadside attractions of Atlantic Canada in our windshield.





There was a steep learning curve associated with creating and maintaining a vibrant, dynamic digital platform where our audience can access Atlantic Canada-specific content, auto industry news, car reviews, road trips and all kinds of quirky wheeled stuff.

We have to admit, we were ambitious with our East Coaster of the Day, a daily dose of cool cars spotted around the Maritimes. How hard can it be to post an East Coaster every day, right?

Every. Single. Day.



It turns out people really want to talk about their CAR. We quickly realized our intention to create simple 50-word posts on someone’s dream project car would turn into stories upon stories of what owners went through to get the car, restore the car, store the car, hide the car purchase from the significant other. The stories, oh my!



We’ve published 355 posts. That’s almost one per day! Posts that range from technical reviews, personal profiles, local adventures and road trips, beach reviews and even a retrospective series about a record-setting around-the-world trek 40 years ago.



It feels good to see our subscriber list grow and to hear positive feedback from our fans and followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



We’ve been rewarded with unwavering enthusiasm from our friends and family, business associates, followers and fans.



After embarking on this online adventure, we couldn’t be more thrilled with where we are today and the exciting prospect of what’s around the next corner on the road ahead.




Of course, with an endeavour like EastCoastTester.com, many people are involved in its success.

We want to profusely thank Our Testers, a motley crew of fine writers, artists, photographers, drone pilot, auto industry experts and all-round class acts. Professionals, every one.


2020 Lincoln Corsair


We would also like to thank Hagerty Insurance for advertising on our site from the beginning.

And we would especially like to thank YOU, our readers and viewers. We know we couldn’t have made it this far without you and we truly appreciate you giving us your valuable time and attention.


Happy Birthday to us!!

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