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Testing and tasting Atlantic Canada… on wheels

East Coast car culture is strong and is the collective voice of that culture.

Our passionate group of writers and artists, representing the four Atlantic Canadian provinces, have come together to provide an intimate platform where story-telling about car life fills a void here on the east coast. With a combined 200 years in the motoring media business, driving in close to 100 different countries, we East Coast Testers continue to make Atlantic Canada our home.

What do East Coast Testers test besides cars, trucks and just about anything on wheels? Byways, highways, food, destinations and life on the road behind the wheel and out the windshield. Our experts provide news, reviews, editorial, quirky facts and tips.

We also encourage new writers in our New Voices section so make sure to check that out. And don’t forget to get your regular dose of wheeled delights at East Coaster Today. is brought to you by Odyssey International, our Halifax-based company, now in its 42nd year in the business of producing global motoring events and adventures. Along the way, we’ve learned to tell a story or two.

Here in Atlantic Canada, we have arguably the most diverse roads, scenery, culture and people in the country. The vehicle is the tool for discovering the richness of our region and is its fuel.

Come along for the ride.

H6 Julietta: Hyperbole on Wheels

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