Garry Sowerby

Garry Sowerby


Garry Sowerby has a 55-year relationship with the road, a history of embarking on and completing the longest drives on the planet in record breaking times and has developed and executed innovative and distinctive events around the world.

His book @DrivenMindBook is on Facebook | Twitter @drivenmind99 | Instagram @garrysowerby |

Richard Russell

Richard Russell


Richard Russell is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers and a founding member and Past-President of the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC).

He wrote automotive technical reviews for four decades for the Globe and Mail and the Halifax Herald. He owned Advanced Driving Concepts, which designed, developed and conducted driver-training programs all over North America. He claims he is retired but we keep Richard pretty busy as’s main automotive reviewer. He also contributes to MSNAutos.

Instagram @RichardRAuto | Facebook @RichardRussell | Twitter @RichardlAuto

Malcolm Gunn


Malcolm Gunn is a member of Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) and his background in automotive journalism extends back more than two decades.

Malcolm is the co-founder of Wheelbase Media, an automotive-content provider for various North American newspapers and websites. | @autoshiftweekly | @wheelbasemedia

Evan Williams


Evan Williams is a member of AJAC and pens reviews, news, technical features and radio. He competes in local/regional autocross, navigation rallies, and enters lapping days.

Besides his home here on, Evan contributes to,, Toronto Star,, and

Evan is a member of Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) | @evanwritescars

Tim Cain

Tim Cain


Communications professional, auto sales analyst, teller of stories, founder and former editor of with an ultra-focused aim to exhaustively cover North American auto sales data. 

Lover of motorcycles and Prince Edward Island’s bright red mud. | @timcaincars

Lisa Calvi


Lisa Calvi became fascinated with vehicles during her formative years in Europe. Combining a passion for cars, travel and writing for the past 20 years has been a dream job come true.

Her work has appeared in the Vancouver Province,, Halifax Herald and Carguide Magazine. She contributes to ViCARious Magazine. Lisa is a partner in Odyssey International, an event management company, which has taken her on motoring adventures around the world. 

Lover of shoes, the open road and discovering new places | Twitter/Instagram @frontlady | FB @lisacalvi

Jeff Melnychuk


Jeff Melnychuk has been a newspaper editor at various dailies across Canada since the early 1990s. He moved to Moncton in 1996 to work at The Times & Transcript. He left the paper in 2000 but never left the East Coast.

Aside from being an East Coast Tester, Jeff is president of automotive-news-syndication company Wheelbase Media (including Toronto Star) and is the Editor-in-Chief of business publication Automotive News Canada. on Facebook | @autoshiftweekly | @wheelbasemedia

Matthew Guy


Matthew Guy has immersed himself in car culture for over 30 years. This East Coast Tester, our Video Guy, relishes a good road trip, loves a long-distance challenge and has an inexplicable penchant for driving cross-country in the dead of winter using cars notably unsuited for the task.

Matthew’s writing appears in,,,,,, viCARious Magazine,,, Toronto Star and CAA Magazine. He also hosts a Postmedia podcast ‘Truck Guy’.

A certified gearhead and member of AJAC, he has been professionally scribbling words about cars since 2011. | @DudeDrivesCars

Kevin Harrison


Kevin Harrison is a member of the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) and has been writing about the automotive industry for ten years. He has reviewed hundreds of new vehicles and is a member of the Electric Vehicle Association of Atlantic Canada.

His work appears here as well as on, and he is a regular contributor to

He helps organize fuel efficiency competitions and is fond of anything with a manual transmission. | @car_driven

M Doyle Portrait

Michael Doyle


Michael Doyle’s studio is situated in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada. Schooled at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design and the Ontario College of Art, Michael draws his inspiration from the abundance of natural and cultural environments so prevalent in Nova Scotia, as well as from his travels throughout North America, Europe and Africa.

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