Farewell, Summer… until we meet again!

Here at EastCoastTester.com, we look back fondly on a busy season and sadly say goodbye to summer. It’s officially over now and that means local car show & shines, meets and cruises will soon come to an end for 2021. 😢

Of course, events like these through the spring and summer dealt with restrictions due to Covid-19, if they happened at all. People hesitated about getting together at such gatherings during a pandemic that seems bent on dragging itself out.

Thanks to a tenacious and enthusiastic car collector spirit, though, supported by hundreds of classic, antique and project cars and trucks, there was still a lot going on. Check out the sample of goodies in the slide show below…




Although we couldn’t go to all the shows, we managed to drop in at a number of them around the Maritimes to fawn over the hundreds of well-loved collector cars and hardy survivors.

We had planned to display some of our personal vehicles at a few of the shows. Just set up and talk the talk.

Our gunmetal gray 1965 Ford F-100 pick-up (soon going up for sale!) would turn some heads, for sure. And what about the practically perfect 1991 Pontiac Firefly we’ve nurtured for over 30 years (because who else would)?

There’s our clean, black 1991 GMC Jimmy, our chubby, cheerful 1982 Checker cab, or even one of our record-setting vehicles, all kept in the original livery in which they set global driving records in the 1980s.

The possibilities seemed endless once the snow started to melt back in the spring. Alas, none of that happened.

The Firefly got beat up coming out of storage, the F-100 didn’t make it out of storage, and our three GMCs that I pounded over roads all over the planet a few decades ago stayed put as well.

We managed to visit the bullet-riddled 1984 GMC Suburban and the globe-circumnavigating 1980 Volvo where they live quite comfortably at the Maritime Motorsports Hall of Fame and Museum in Petitcodiac, New Brunswick.

Even though fall is here, there is still lots going on. On Saturday evenings in Moncton, you can still cruise with the Hagerty Super Cruise gang well into October.

Despite some cancellations, meets, shows and cruises continue all over the Maritimes, so make sure you check them out.. safely!

Hopefully, we’ll squeeze in a few more weeks of cars, cars and more cars before Atlantic Canada’s precious metal goes under wraps for another winter.

Viva Atlantic Canada’s car culture!

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  1. It was nice to meet you both at the Woodside Car Show today. ( This is Ed with the Ferrari 308)
    Your Website is Awesome too.
    Let me know if there is anything more you want to know about my car.
    Hope to see you around again soon. Still lots of good car show days to come through the Fall.

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