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1995 Yamaha G14

There’s a spot just outside Perth-Andover, New Brunswick that is like a little piece of paradise. Cats, dogs, birds, chickens, beautiful wild flower gardens, bountiful raspberry bushes. This eden sits at the top of a hill that reaches up from the banks of the mighty Saint John River, 250 meters wide at this point. It’s about as far west in the Atlantic Bubble we are willing to go right now.

This is the home of today’s East Coaster of the Day, the golf cart at Pam and Al’s. The golf cart doesn’t roam the fairways anymore though. It came from a golf course straddling the Canada/U.S. border, a mere seven kilometres due west from Pam and Al’s hilltop heaven.

The cart had a full career doing the duty for which it was intended at the Aroostook Valley Country Club for 16 years. When the club opted for two new carts, about nine years ago, Al snapped up the 9-horsepower Yamaha G14 and brought it home to Canada.

With a top speed of a whopping 25 km/h (downhill), the Golf Cart at Pam and Al’s is always on the go, running the back trails to see neighbours and family and hauling tools, materials and compost around the property.

It’s part of any holiday ritual for your editors, Lisa and Garry, and no visit is complete without a bugs-in-your-teeth spin on The Great Trail, part of the retired network of railroad trails that follow the Saint John River.

What a life this survivor Yamaha G14 has enjoyed for the past 25 years!

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