worker among the shiny new Buicks and Mercurys that paraded through my childhood.

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🚛 1965 Mercury M350 🚛


This is the 1965 Mercury M350 Garry Sowerby’s father, Lee, bought new as a cab-chassis. Lee Sowerby built the racks to carry plate glass on the back. With his wife, Edith, they incorporated Sowerby Store Front Ltd, the family business in Moncton NB from 1965 until about 1990.

Lee kept the truck seven years with no maintenance surprises. Powered by a 352 cubic-inch V-8 hooked to a four-speed manual transmission, producing 208 horsepower, this truck hauled glass and storefront materials to locations in New Brunswick, PEI and parts of Nova Scotia.

When he ordered the truck, one of the accessories he got was electric windshield wipers. No more vacuum wipers for Lee Sowerby.

That was big talk at the Sowerby dinner table more than five decades ago.

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