1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo – East Coaster of the Day

1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo – East Coaster of the Day


Rick Campbell of Noel, Nova Scotia, owns this 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo and keeps it in pristine condition. He rarely takes the Monte Carlo out.

The huge steering wheel and even the noise of the turn signal would bring back memories for those who are feeling nostalgic for late ’70s vehicles.


Rick’s Monte Carlo has a 305 two-barrel Turbo-Fire V8 which made 140 horsepower back in its heyday. While 140 horses isn’t much by today’s standards, the Monte Carlo is audibly satisfying and the feel of that V8 rumble cannot be matched.



Chevrolet introduced the two-door Monte Carlo in 1970 as the brand’s first personal luxury car. The model lived through six generations (with a hiatus from 1989 to 1994 during which time it was replaced by the Chevy Lumina) including many years as a star of stock car racing, arguably the most successful car in the history of NASCAR.



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