1952 Mercury M1: East Coaster Today

Cory White loves to tinker on his project vehicles. This past spring, he decided he was done tinkering with a certain meticulous blue 1984 Ford F100 FlareSide, featured here as an East Coaster so, after much soul-searching and deliberation, he sold it. 

This 1952 Mercury M1 should help fill the hole in his heart.


1952 Mercury M1


He found it in Bridgewater while searching for a Ford truck from the model years 1948-1952.

A Mercury? Even better. It’s always better when there is a Canadian angle! In 1946, Ford Motor Company split their Ford and Mercury divisions in Canada to help rural dealerships sell trucks. No Mercury trucks were sold in the U.S.

The M1 has the original flathead V8, updated with a Holley carb. The electrical system has been upgraded to 12-volt along with a modified cooling system. It still has the original vacuum windshield wipers.


1952 Mercury M1



Survivor! It’s almost 70 years old and look at the paint! Cory tells us it’s been through a few owners but obviously, it’s been respected and loved along the way.

There is enough to putter with on the vehicle, like adding power steering and power brakes to make it more enjoyable to drive, to keep him busy throughout the winter but not too busy. He says he’s done ‘eating rust’.

Looking forward to seeing this great-looking truck on the road for the next few years… that is unless Cory starts itching for a new project!


1952 Mercury M1



1952 Mercury M1


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