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1984 Ford F-150 FlareSide

Cory White’s clean 1984 F150 FlareSide is practically perfect in the original Medium Blue Metallic paint. He bought it in 2017 with only 57,000 original kms on it.

It was a one owner truck from Gardiner Mines, near Glace Bay in Cape Breton, purchased new at Macaulay’s Ford in Baddeck.

It took Cory three years to get it to where it is today. He rebuilt the truck but kept it stock, which we love! He did take out the three-speed column shift transmission, though, and replaced it with a five-speed on the floor.

In 1980, year one of production of this particular generation of Ford trucks, Ford Motor Company was an early adopter of using lighter weight to improve fuel economy. The full-size trucks were slimmed down with thinner gauge body steel and glass.


This was the first complete redesign of the F-Series since 1965. The seventh generation got a completely new chassis and body that was more square with flatter body panels. It was also the first time the Ford Blue Oval emblem appeared on the front grille, replacing the large letters F O R D across the hood.

A handsome, well-loved truck with a 5.0-litre (302ci) V8 under the hood. Like a fine wine, Cory’s 1984 Ford F-150 FlareSide looks like it is aging quite nicely.

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  1. This truck now belong to andé paquet from shippagan new brunswick with 351 cui winsord in it still i prestine shaped

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