Sandvik TH545i: East Coaster Today

We spotted these badger-like Sandvik TH545i units strapped to rail cars in the Port of Halifax.


Spotted at the Port of Halifax, our East Coaster Today is a Sandvik TH545i underground mining truck.


The high performance articulated underground dump truck is designed for use in 4.5×4.5-metre haulage ways and has a 45-tonne capacity.

The Swedish-built truck’s performance in the underground mining industry is based on its proven low profile design and high payload related to its 40-tonne weight.

Powered by a six-cylinder Volvo Penta Stage V diesel engine that makes 603 horsepower, this robust and intelligent truck delivers operator benefits in safety and productivity. The driver sits in an enclosed and vibration-isolated single-person cabin, enhancing operator health and comfort.



The TH545i features a wide range of intelligent integrated technology, such as Sandvik’s Intelligent Control system as standard. Supplemented with the Onboard Weighing System option for tracking the payload, along with the latest addition of the AutoMine® Trucking Onboard, the TH545i provides the option of autonomous haulage for both level and decline and ascent ramp applications.



Since the nature of their work dictates most Sandvik TH545i trucks spend most of their time underground, you won’t see them darting about the neighbourhood.

But know they are down there, loaded with rocks and minerals and advanced technology, making one of the most dangerous professions on earth a little safer for the men and women who mine the planet.

We have no idea where this Sandvik underground truck is destined. Even if its time on the East Coast is spent in transit, it’s one cool addition to our collection of East Coasters Today.

For another hard-working Port worker, click here.



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