Mazda RX-7 (Series 5): East Coaster Today

This shiny Mazda RX-7 (model year we think is 1989-1992), spotted on a Halifax street, was seemingly and blissfully unaware of its history and significance in the auto industry.

The RX-7 was a lightweight roadster produced by Mazda from 1978 until 2002. It was powered by a compact rotary engine that sat behind the front axle, creating a low centre of gravity. Mazda vehicles are well known for their fun-to-drive factor and the RX-7, one of the most beloved sports cars on the planet, was no exception.

Road & Track magazine called it the “… purest, most exhilarating sports car in the world.” When Playboy magazine reviewed the car, they proclaimed it better than the Dodge Viper!



The RX-7 was powered by a twin-turbocharged rotary engine, more compact and lightweight than the more common internal combustion engine with reciprocating pistons. The rotary engine was invented by German engineer, Felix Wankel, and first appeared in Mazda vehicles in 1967, powering the cute Cosmo 110S.

Let us know if you know/are the owner of the red beauty. We’d love to know more!

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