East Coaster of the Day: Another Beach Find

East Coaster of the Day: 1974 VW Microbus by East Coast Surf School

The restoration of this sharp 1974 Volkswagen Microbus was managed by the folks at East Coast Surf School in Lawrencetown.

Just looking at it brings on the temptation to seize the day. Drop everything, hop on a surf board and ride the waves.

Whether you’re a novice, don’t know anything about surfing, or you’ve tried it on your own and want a bit of coaching, dial the number on the front door.

Nico Manos, professional surfer and founder of the school, or one of his surf coaches, will get you geared up and provide lessons to show you how.


The VW Microbus, first called the Type 2 following the VW Beetle, which was originally called Type 1, was conceptualized in 1947 and went into production in 1950.

Until that time, small groups of people were transported by large cars and trucks. The concept of a mini, or micro, bus got plenty of attention.

The VW van was unlike anything ever mass-produced. The boxy cute-mobile had a 1.8-litre air-cooled four-cylinder engine that made about 70 horsepower.


It was no powerhouse. But the VW van became a symbol for American counterculture in the 1960s and 70s. Viva La Hippie Van!

VW’s Microbus went out of production in 2013 but a commercial version called Transporter lives on in markets around the world.

East Coast Surf School’s is a perfect mid-70s example of this revolutionary vehicle.

Surf’s up!!

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