East Coaster Today: 1981 Ford Fairmont – Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


We’ve featured this meticulously-prepared Ford Fairmont before but, in Grabber Orange, it’s the perfect Halloween-themed car, so here it is again!

Jim Briand’s Fairmont is far from the forgettable off-the-shelf, two-tone, brown-on-brown 2.3-litre four-cylinder sedan it was when new in 1981.

Since purchasing it 20 years ago, Jimmy B, an auto mechanic, has transformed the Fairmont into a potent street cruiser powered by a tight and raw-sounding 480-horsepower, 351 ci (5.8L) V8 engine.

It’s hard not to notice, or hear, the Grabber Orange dream car Jimmy B calls the ‘Jimmy Lee’. So if you spot it, give him a thumbs up in appreciation of this jewel that adorns the summer streets of Halifax.



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