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If rain didn’t exist Donald MacPhee would probably drive his 1928 Ford Model A everywhere he could. He often takes it out for the 20-minute drive from East Gore to Elmsdale, Nova Scotia, weather permitting of course.

The Model A by Ford was made right after the famous Model T, which debuted in 1925. Ford went on to make over a million examples of the Model A, though you’d be hard pressed to find one in as good condition as Donald’s, which he purchased in Cape Breton.

The original green paint is still in tip top shape as is the rest of the vehicle which sports 21-inch wheels wrapped in Firestones.


The three-speed is mated to an inline four that produced 40 brake horsepower back in its heyday with a top speed of around 105 km/h.

The Model A was discontinued in 1931. While the Model T gets recognition as being one of the first cheap mass-produced vehicles of the time, the Model A certainly helped maintain the popularity of the horseless carriage. 

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