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East Coaster of the Day: Mr. Smooth Food Trailer

Ron and Rhonda Beals take their yummy EATS on the road, following their motto: We go where the people are! Like the carnival midway you see behind their food trailer, for example.

Friendly service and a varied menu makes Mr. Smooth the place to stop. There are fries, of course, and classic poutine but have you ever tried donair poutine? An East Coast classic. Gourmet burgers include, yes, a donair burger.

But where Mr. Smooth nails it, is the Real Fruit Smoothies. So delicious, it’s hard to believe they’re nutritious.


Make sure you stop wherever you see Mr. Smooth’s bright yellow trailer. You won’t be disappointed.

Ron and Rhonda were about to close when we appeared at the window. We must have looked hungry. They served us up a huge portion of fries and a Fruit Explosion smoothie. Mmmmmm Smooooooth.


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