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East Coaster of the Day: 2020 367 Peterbilt


Ruggles Towing Service in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, bought the 2020 Peterbilt 367, in May 2019. This Peterbilt 367, with an all-aluminum cab, is equipped with a 40-ton Slider 3-Stage Crane from NRC Industries.


When the mass shooting happened in our beautiful province on April 18 and 19, claiming the lives of 22 people, all Nova Scotians, indeed all Canadians, were left reeling from the horror.

The staff at Ruggles Towing, knowing some of the people affected by the tragedy, decided to wrap the truck as a tribute to them and all the Nova Scotians that were dealing with these terrible events.

They contacted Speed Signs and together came up with the design. Many businesses and trucking companies in Nova Scotia and across the Atlantic provinces showed support for the victims in similar ways.


Says Karen Ruggles: “We love the graphics and what it stands for.” We do, too, Karen. Thank you for sharing this with EastCoastTester.com.

*Photos and text provided by Karen Ruggles. Ruggles Towing Service Ltd, has been serving Nova Scotia since 1960.


Ruggles tow trucks in action! Yes, that is a 737.


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