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1969 Buick Skylark

Sometimes what is special about a car is where you spot it and this two-door 1969 Buick Skylark fits that bill. The Skylark alone in a Halifax parking lot grabbed our attention late one night when all should have been tucked in.

We’re not sure of the model year. The side-marker lights and drooping chrome strip mean it’s at least 1968, and rear fender badging indicate 1969. The styling of the second generation (1968 – 1972) Skylark may be questionable to some but this photo changed our minds.


Remember, 1968 was the year side-marker lights were regulated as mandatory in North America and any good car nerd of the day knows that milestone.

Such design trivia is easy to recall, of course.  In 1958, it was double headlights, 1968 side-marker lights and in 1973 those ohhhh so ugly 5 mph collision bumpers.

Nerd on, folks!

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