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1994 Dodge RT/10 Viper 🐍

Since Dodge launched the Viper in 1992, it has thrived as a living legend. Developed as an affordable super car, the V-10-powered Viper has earned its status as a bad-boy alternative to Chevrolet’s Corvette, America’s sweetheart sports-car.

This RT/10 model, spotted in Halifax, is of the first generation produced between 1992 and 2003. Vipers were built from 1992 until 2017 with a hiatus in 2007 and again in 2010 until 2013.


With few creature comforts, like air conditioning, side windows, ABS or outside door handles, early Vipers were quick to earn the reputation of cars not to tangle with, from the driver’s point of view especially.

When they first came out, a friend noted the raw 400-horsepower, side-pipe exhausted V-10 engine sounded like a cross between a UPS delivery truck and a DC-10 jumbo jet.


There aren’t many Dodge Vipers around so if you see or hear one, it’s OK to take a moment and appreciate it.

It seems a comeback is in the works, though. Better clear the streets now!

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