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Buick LeSabre Four-Door Convertible – Year Unknown

This Buick LeSabre ‘Hack Job’ as we’ve been calling it was spotted on the streets of Halifax last summer. Look closely and you can see why it’s been so christened. The owner, pictured here, literally hacked the roof off himself. And yes, that’s a thing.

A Google search of ‘Can I cut the roof off my beater?’ yields pages of results, tips, suggested DIY procedures and instructional videos.

Probably not a great idea, unless you do something to reinforce the vehicle’s structural integrity that is now compromised by having removed the roof. We’re not sure whether that’s the case with this jewel-coloured Regal.

If anyone out there knows this vehicle or the owner, please get in touch. We would love to have another look at this unique four-door drop-top. Four-door convertibles, seen by some as the pinnacle of automotive luxury, faded from existence after World War II, except for the four-door convertible Continental that Lincoln produced from 1961 until 1969.



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