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1942-ish Ford Super Deluxe 8

It’s got wheels but it’s grounded.

Ford cars were updated in 1941 from front to rear. The two previous Ford car lines, Standard and De Luxe, had become three, Special, De Luxe, and Super De Luxe. The Super De Luxe had higher quality amenities over the base models, including more chrome, leather seats, and a wood-grain dashboard.

Production on the 1942 model year lasted only four months before the government ordered a halt to civilian automobile production due to World War II.

Once production started up again after World War II, the 1946 Ford was basically the same as a 1942 Ford under the skin. A 1946 version of the Super De Luxe was used in the movie Back to the Future and its sequel.

Yeah, but what’s the old Ford doing here?

Well, the Ford was donated to the Maritime Motorsports Hall of Fame and Museum in Petitcodiac, an organization that recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary.

Though the organization was founded in 2005, the Maritime Motorsports Hall of Fame and Museum’s 10,000-square foot complex was built in 2009, spearheaded by Ernie and Winona McLean, builders of the iconic River Glade Speedway, with proceeds from government funding, donations and fundraising.

The MMHF Museum helps support the robust car culture that exists here in the Maritimes and showcases the heritage of Maritime motorsports and those who have helped build it. It’s jam-packed with race cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, antiques, hot rods, artifacts and adventure vehicles.

For more information on the Maritime Motorsports Hall of Fame and Museum or to find out how you can support it, click here or stop by the Museum in Petitcodiac at 5 Hooper Lane.

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