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1967 GMC Lobster Value Van 

Peter Richardson makes a mouth-watering lobster roll, a must-eat item if you’re visiting Peggy’s Cove, a little fishing village with a big, famous lighthouse.

The fact that he makes the delectable delight in his 1967 GMC ‘step van’ adds to the lobster roll’s cool factor.

The nostalgia-inducing step van with a friendly face is parked in the front yard of the Breakwater Inn which Peter owns as well.

He’s had the van for four years. He’s not sure if it was always a food truck.

The GMC Value Van, is a multi-stop truck, more commonly known as Step Van, even though Chevrolet is the only manufacturer to have used that name.

You might think of it as a bread truck or a bakery truck. You could see it used as an electric power company truck with a cherry picker option.

They can be large ambulances, mobile radio command centres for S.W.A.T operations, motorhomes, canteens, bookmobiles, and, of course, food trucks!

What can’t this versatile vehicle do? A lap of Talladega I suppose…

Ford had the Vanette and Dodge had the Route-Van. An all-aluminum 1974 gussied up Metro Van from International is in the opening scene of the TV series S.W.A.T, looking beefy and ready for a takedown.

Now you won’t be able to help but notice the multi-stop truck everywhere…


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