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2011 GMC Sierra SLE – Halifax Thunderbird Edition 

Family, kids and community are important everywhere, of course, but here in the small tight-knit communities of Atlantic Canada, they are the fundamental pillars that keep people close to home.

Kids’ sports teams and all the group activities they involve are a huge part of that healthy social network. The practices, fundraisers, games, getting together with other parents, have all been sorely missed during these long months of isolation and distance.

Joe Nolan’s giant Thunderbird-wrapped pickup truck has been keeping the sports team spirit alive on the roads of Nova Scotia for kids and families. Especially for fans of lacrosse, the official summer sport of Canada, a sport with consistently growing numbers from all age groups.

The in-your-face-wrap on Joe’s truck, represents the Halifax Thunderbirds, a new national lacrosse team that just finished a successful first year as part of the National Lacrosse League (NLL).

Joe is a big supporter of the Halifax Thunderbirds and the sport of lacrosse in general. He coaches his step-son, Hayden Brittain, on the Eastern Shore Breakers, undefeated for the past two years.

When he came home and told the kids he’d won a contest and the prize was the option to have the family truck wrapped for two years with the Halifax Thunderbirds logo, they all said do it!

Coach Joe loves driving around and seeing the kids’ excitement about the truck at traffic lights and Tim Hortons drive-throughs.

Go Thunderbirds and go Eastern Shore Breakers!

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