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When Giorgetto Giugiaro designed the “Folded Paper” 1977 Lotus Esprit S1, he probably never imagined one would end up on the streets of Halifax 43 years later in the loving hands of Jeremy Male. Nor would he have imagined that one being featured as East Coaster of the Day.

This 2,000-pound, mid-engine 170 horsepower beauty caught our eye at the impromptu Woodside Ferry car-meet the other night and Jeremy gave us the tour; hand-made wheels, a piece of flex tube from a submarine in its exhaust system, a hand polished twin-carb 4-cylinder engine and of course a dash plaque in memory of his mother.


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  1. I’ve been attending the weekly A&W Cruise nights for 20 years, the car culture locally is astounding and you never know what will show up. ????

    1. Thanks for commenting! This is exactly what we want to showcase here in Atlantic Canada on this site. Stay tuned for more ?

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