East Coaster of the Day: 1972 MGB GT

East Coaster of the Day: 1972 MGB GT


This immaculate 1972 MGB GT, spotted at the Brackley Drive-In Street Machine and Hot Rod Show, is a fine example of MG’s fixed roof GT model, introduced in 1965.

The GT, an award-winning 2+2 design by Pininfarina, was imported into North America until 1974. Production continued until 1980 in other markets.


Powered by the same 1978 cc four-cylinder engine as MG roadsters, the GT was a tad slower to accelerate. Its top speed of 169 km/h, however, was eight kilometres per hour faster, due to better aerodynamics. The extra weight was compensated with heavier springs and anti-roll bars.

Although the rear seat is not a place in which one would want to spend a lot of time, the car has much more cargo capacity than the roadster.

The GT model developed a following of its own.

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