East Coaster of the Day: 1947 Ford

East Coaster of the Day: 1947 Ford 🐀 

Brent Works owns (and loves) this 1947 Ford truck rat rod. You’ve probably seen him cruising the back roads around Belmont and Debert, Nova Scotia.


What is a Rat Rod, you may ask? Pat Ganahl, a photographer of street rods, hot rods and rat rods, who has been the editor of publications like Street Rodder Magazine, HotRod Magazine and Rod and Custom Magazine, describes a rat rod this way:

“They’re artistic, fun, and sensational reinterpretations of late-’40s/early-’50s hot rodding as a culture that includes music, clothing, hairstyles, and tattoos. The cars are low, loud, chopped … with giant rear tires, lots of carburetors, open pipes, and tall gearshifts. The customs can have slit windows and scrape the ground. Few cars in the ’50s looked like this, but today they can, in countless creative and fun ways.” (Source: Hot Rod Magazine)


Brent and a neighbour dropped a 5.9-litre Cummins turbo diesel engine into the 1947 Ford truck. It definitely looks the part, with wrenches for door handles and a door knob on the head of the gear shift. Love the license plate incorporated into the instrument panel! 🐀

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