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☀️ 1971 Chevrolet Pickup Truck ☀️

In the ocean of ordinary silver and grey vehicles out there these days, it’s not difficult to stand out with an uncommon paint colour.

On a side street in Moncton, a small crowd was gathered around a 1970’s-era Chevy pickup truck. It was obvious who the owner of the sunshine yellow gem was by the look of pride on his face as he showed off is new-to-him purchase to family and friends.

The combination of the bold colour and rare vehicle stopped us in our tracks. We couldn’t quite figure out why the truck stood out from the crowd but chatting with the owner, Laurier, we discovered the reason.

A barn find with less than 20,000 miles on the odometer, the 1971 Chevy truck was a ‘Longhorn’, produced by Chevrolet from 1968 through 1972.  It was only available in ¾-ton and 1-ton versions. It was called a Longhorn because the frame and front of the bed were extended by six inches. This was America’s only production pickup truck with an 8 ½-foot bed, aimed squarely at the booming camper industry.

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