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1966 Volvo 122S a.k.a. Volvo Amazon


Greg Veinott is 100% a Volvo guy. Over the past ten years he has owned seven Volvos and currently owns a 1991 Volvo 240 wagon with a swapped B230 turbo from a 940 and a 2004 XC70.

Perhaps the most interesting of them all is his 1966 122S which he purchased earlier this year. It originally came from New Jersey where it was owned by a Navy officer. Not long after the officer purchased the vehicle, he ended up getting deployed and the 122S sat for ten years. 


Greg decided to make it his latest project car and replaced the braking, suspension, fuel and ignition systems as well as rewiring in order to get the little Swedish coupe back up and running again.

Known as the Amazon to the rest of the world, it was marketed as the 122S in the United States and first debuted in 1956. The base model was known as the 121 and it had 66 brake horsepower. The 122 was considered the performance version which bumped that figure up to 85 brake horsepower.

Like any good project car, Greg isn’t finished yet. He intends to tidy up the body and the engine bay and replace the window seals to ensure it is water tight.

Now that’s an enticing Swedish meatball!

*photography: Kyle Burton

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