A Dystopian World on the Move

Living in a Fantasy World

Sometimes you just have to let your daydreams take over. Here’s one of my Fantasy Worlds.

A Dystopian World on the Move

Aah! The end of the world as we know it. Apocalyptic stories generally explore how humanity would react to a global crisis, such as a nuclear war, a pandemic, a natural disaster, or an alien invasion.

Apocalyptic fiction often reflects the fears and anxieties of the times. Apocalyptic movies proliferated after World War II, with the atomic age and the Cold War fueling decades of dystopian fiction about what could happen next.

A common theme: Just how would we cope with the end of the world as we know it?

The Mad Max action film series of the early 1980s envisioned road vehicles composed of a Frankenstein mixture of what was found on the road, probably from dumpsters and anything that could be filched from anyone or anything.

These vehicles epitomized not just transportation, but power, freedom and survival in a harsh world.

This is my reflection of an apocalyptic world on the move.

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