2020 International HX Twin Steer

2020 International HX Twin Steer: East Coaster of the Day

When we saw the video of Dale Clow’s slick laying of the gravel, we knew the truck (and Dale) should be featured as an East Coaster here.

First of all, the rock-star skill with which Dale lays down that mix, eliminating the need of a dozer, wow! And secondly, thank you to Dale and all the other people working in the trucking industry that continue to keep everything ticking during this messed up time on our planet.



Dale works for Island Coastal Services, an earth moving construction company based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Dale tells us it’s a great company and it employs a lot of people. Owner Eric MacLaughlan sounds like a pretty good guy to work with.



Island Coastal Services has heavy equipment of all kinds. They build roads, do water and sewer installations, build and maintain golf courses, new construction builds and pretty much anything related to heavy equipment and trucks.

This 2020 International HX belongs to the company but Dale’s the only one that ever drives it, so he feels a sense of pride and ownership for it. You can hear that in the way he says: “We call her Big Dirt.”



The company likes fancy gear so they always buy their trucks loaded, with lots of chrome.

The HX stands for Heavy Extreme. It has an X-15 Cummins engine with an 18-speed manual transmission and makes 500 horsepower. Big Dirt rides on two 20,000-pound front steer axles, plus the tandem rears.

Go Dale go!


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