2004 Chevrolet Express: East Coaster of the Day

2004 Chevrolet Express: East Coaster of the Day


In another life, this 2004 Chevrolet Express belonged to a furnace repair company. By the looks of things, the Chevy van is enjoying its present life much more. That’s because Dennis and Gail Hare, who bought the van three years ago, love it like a member of the family.

Dennis and his brother, Rob Hare, completely gutted the interior. Now it doubles as a camper and a fun house for Dennis and Gail’s grandkids. They’ve had it on the road for two years.

We love the nautical theme, the Nova Scotia tartan that adorns many of the surfaces and the cool decals on the exterior!



The 16-year-old van is having fun, fun, fun, like 16-year-olds should.

The Chevrolet Express replaced the Chevrolet Van in 1996.

The new multi-purpose van featured full body on frame construction with two gasoline engine options, in six- or eight- cylinder variants.



Other than engine changes and a face-lift to the front end in 2003, the highly adaptable Chevrolet Express (and its GMC cousin, the Savana) hasn’t changed since its debut almost a quarter of a century ago. The 2021 version brings a new 6.6-litre V8 engine, the same one that’s in the new Silverado HD.

The Chevrolet Express is a van of choice for specialty uses – work van, like Rick and Kate Schella’s here.

And a play van like our East Coaster of the Day today. Thanks, Dennis and Gail, for the tour!



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