1992 Corvette Coupe: East Coaster Today

Today’s East Coaster: a nice, clean 1992 Corvette Coupe. No surprise there. The owner of this 29-year-old C4 Corvette is Calvin Pearce, ‘Car Guy’ and ‘Corvette Guy’.


There’s nothing like a parade, especially one lined with Corvettes. Calvin Pearce’s 1992 Corvette Coupe in the lead in this photo.


Calvin has been in the car business (Calvin Pearce Auto Sales, Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia) since 1988 and his passion for the industry, the local car scene and for the vehicles themselves is apparent. His Instagram feed features photos of cars, cars and more cars from shows around the Maritimes and further afield in Canada and around the U.S.

Calvin bought his first car at age 15 and had to ask his Dad to drive it home for him.

He recounts how he started in the business: “We needed a second car—and with a young family, money was tight. I bought a car at a dealership auction, and, after driving it for only two months, I was offered more for the car than I paid for it. I was hooked. Then (shortly after) I bought another car and my neighbour bought it from me that same day!”

Calvin bought is 1992 Chevrolet Corvette in 2001. The iconic sports car only had 18,000 kilometres on it then. Calvin is the second owner. He says, after 20 years of ownership, it’s still a fun car to drive. That might have something to do with the six-speed manual mated to a 5.7-litre (350 CID) 300-horsepower engine.



It’s obvious the Corvette gets driven. It now has 121,000 kilometres on the odometer. It’s been to car shows all over the Maritimes and down as far as Carlisle, Pennsylvania. The car is stock except for the rear spoiler, stereo and it now has a performance clutch. Rare options include the aqua metallic paint, sport seats and manual shift.



If you see Calvin, the ‘Car Guy’, and his Corvette around town, give him a wave. We hear he’s also a ‘Nice Guy’!


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