1975 Ford L-800: East Coaster Today

The big ‘fire engine’ red truck has been in the MacLean family for about six years. It drew our attention because, well, it looks like a fire truck. It so happens it was one.




It once served in the Iona Volunteer Fire Department.


The 1975 Ford L-800 (second from left) once served in the Iona Volunteer Fire Department.


Before that, the 1975 Ford L-800 truck was in the propane delivery business.

Michael ‘Mick’ MacLean, of Sydney, a well-respected member of the Cape Breton County Truckers Association and the Atlantic Canada trucking industry in general, bought the truck and put the flat deck on. It sure looks like he and his family had a lot of fun bringing it to car shows and filming video (along with many other cool working trucks) for his YouTube channel, Mike MacLean Trucking.


1975 Ford L-800 (Photo: Mike MacLean Trucking YouTube Channel)


His son, Jan MacLean, now owns the heavy duty all-original truck and likes to tinker on the engine himself.


Original key fob from when the 1975 Ford ‘Louisville’ served the Iona Volunteer Fire Department.


The 46-year-old Ford Louisville is a true survivor with a Clark five-speed transmission, a two-speed rear axle and 391 V8 engine.



Ford’s L-series began production in 1970 when the U.S. National Highway Administration first introduced truck weight classifications from 1 through 8.

The L-Series, built in Louisville, Kentucky, hence the nickname ‘Ford Louisville’, was the first dedicated Class 8 Heavy Duty trucks, replacing the Ford F-Series Super Duty.

In 1998, Freightliner took over production of the L-Series and created the Sterling brand, heralding the end of the Louisville Line.


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