1973 Dodge Dart Sport: East Coaster Today

Gerry Holmes didn’t drive his 1973 Dodge Dart Sport very much last summer, four times. We were lucky enough to see it out on one of those four occasions. He’s had  for 22 years.

Dodge Darts were manufactured from 1960 model year until 1976. Dodge revived the name in 2012 when it produced a Fiat-derived Dart. It’s hard to think of this blue beauty as a compact car but that’s how these were marketed from 1963 onward.

The early 70’s Dart was a variant of Plymouth’s Valiant-based Duster and was actually called a Dart Demon, complete with the Demon 340 engine. The 1973 model year added revised fenders, grille, header panel, and hood to the Dart. New U.S. federal regulations mandated massive front bumpers as well as side-impact guard beams in the doors and new emission control devices.



In 1973, Christian groups, who had issue with the name Demon and the little devil with pitchfork in the logo, managed to wield enough influence with Dodge (Chrysler) that the name for the high-performance Dart was changed to Dart Sport.

Which brings us to Gerry’s 275-horsepower crisp Dodge Dart Sport.

He says he still loves it but prefers wind therapy which he gets on his motorbike. Any kind of wheeled therapy during this pandemic is welcome. Hoping to see more of Gerry’s 1973 Dodge Dart Sport out there this summer.



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