1966 Envoy Epic – East Coaster of the Day

1966 Envoy Epic – East Coaster of the Day

Doug Steeves is only the second owner of the pristine 1966 Envoy Epic, today’s East Coaster. With only 37,000 miles on the odometer, it’s no wonder the 54-year-old jewel is so clean.

Doug explains the first owner, a Mrs. Alward from Sackville, New Brunswick, passed away after owning the car all its life and left the Envoy Epic to her son.

Her son gave the sweet vehicle to Doug with the stipulation that he would maintain the car the way it was without making big changes. Yes, you read that correctly: gave. Lucky guy.


General Motors of Canada created the Envoy brand in 1959, essentially re-badged Vauxhall models. Since Pontiac/Buick dealerships in Canada sold Vauxhall products, Chevrolet and Oldsmobile retailers needed a version of their own to sell in the Canadian market.

The first model to appear under the Envoy brand was the Envoy F Series. In 1964, the Epic arrived in Canada. A re-badged Vauxhall Viva HA, the first generation of the Epic, represented Vauxhall’s first step into the compact car market after the Second World War.

The spritely car has a 1,057 cc engine, overhead valve, four-cylinder, front-mounted engine driving the rear wheels.


It was one of the first vehicles to be marketed towards women. Perhaps because it was light, had easy to operate controls, lightweight steering and clutch pedal and good visibility. Plus, it was zippy, producing 50.1 horsepower. Yes, you read that correctly: fifty point 1 horsepower.

We realize how special Doug’s 1966 Envoy Epic is. These vehicles, known for suffering severely from corrosion problems, are rare and very few of this model remain in the world today. Lucky Doug and lucky Epic.

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  1. I went from a 1966 Acadian Beaumont sport delux, the Green Machine, that had been a dragster in its previous life, to a 1971 Vauxhall Viva. Worst car I ever owned. What a shock the transition was. Ended up giving it to my future wife who was still in universiry.

  2. Hi, is there any 65 or 66 envoy epics out there left or for sale? my first car was a 65 bought it new in nova scotia cost 1250.00 drove it from NS to Ontario costs less than twelve dollars in gas. would love to here from anyone that owns one thanks

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