1958 Canadair Argus CP-107: East Coaster of the Day

1958 Canadair Argus CP-107: East Coaster of the Day


Lest we forget the courage and sacrifices our Veterans have made to keep us strong and free, today we honour the Argus CP-107 as our East Coaster of the Day, a marine reconnaissance aircraft that served from 1958 until 1980.

One of these Canadian-built aircraft resides in Greenwood, Nova Scotia, guarding the main entrance to 14 Wing Greenwood since 13 February 2001.

The Canadian Forces purchased 33 of the Argus, one of the most effective anti-submarine warfare aircrafts and, at the time, the largest aircraft built in Canada. They cost $5.5 million each.

The Argus CP-107 was based on the British Bristol Britannia aircraft but with a Canadian-designed fuselage. Instead of the Britannia’s turbo-prop engines, the Argus had four 18-cylinder engines that each made 3,400 to 3,700 horsepower. On each engine, three power recovery turbines scavenged power from the engine exhaust. Its top speed was 510 km/h.



It carried 30,200 litres of fuel plus radar equipment, searchlights, exhaust trail detectors and magnetic anomaly detectors (MAD). The 40-metre long and 11.2-metre high aircraft, with a wing span of 44 metres, also packed torpedoes, bombs, depth charges and mines.

This aircraft was built for endurance. With a range of 8,190 kilometres, the crew of 15 was in there for the long haul, making good use of the four bunks and galley on board. The Argus was designed to fly 1600 kilometres, remain on patrol for eight hours, then return home with enough fuel to divert 800 kilometres if required.



An Argus CP-107 flown by 19 Wing Comox (British Columbia) holds the endurance record at 31 hours and 1 minute in the air without refueling.

Besides Argus CP-10717 on display at Greenwood Military Aviation Museum in Greenwood, Nova Scotia, there are four others on display across Canada:


Thank you to all the men and women who have served and who continue to do so.

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