1955 Buick Special: East Coaster Today

Cars like this flashy 1955 Buick Special Tourback sedan are appreciating the spring weather as much as we are.

Buick Specials were introduced as part of the Buick line-up in 1936 and remained in the Buick portfolio as stand-alone models until 1959.



1955 Specials like this one were powered by the first series of ‘Nailhead’ V8s with a 264 cubic inch (4.3L) displacement.

Although three-speed manual transmissions were standard fare, this one has a two-speed ‘Twin Turbine Dynaflow’ transmission that had a reputation for being a gas hog.

But hey, fuel was cheap at the time and who wouldn’t want to be driving a Dynaflow?!



The car has a unique starter sequence. Turn the ignition to the ‘on’ position with the key then engage starter by pushing on the accelerator pedal. By 1955, all Buicks had automatic carburetor chokes, high tech for the day.

That year, the Special model sported three venti-ports on the front fender while more upscale models like the Century, Super and top-of-the-line Roadmaster had four.



By 1955, the Buick Special was one of America’s best selling nameplates. Of the 738,000 Specials produced that year, 84,182 were Tourback Sedans like our East Coaster Today, spotted in Bedford basking in the spring sunshine.


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