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1953 Chevrolet Kut ‘er Up Kustom Pickup


This Chevy pickup truck is obviously not a stock survivor of its nearly seven decades on the road.


1953 Chevy Kut er Up Kustom pickup


1953 was the sixth year into Chevrolet’s Advance-Design for their light and medium duty trucks, which was their first major redesign after WWII. Bigger, stronger, sleeker and, some might say, sexier than the earlier AK Series trucks, Advance-Design models were introduced on June 28, 1947.

From 1947 until 1955, Chevrolet trucks were number one in sales in the United States. Rebranded versions sold at GMC locations were known as the GMC New Design series.

Beyond a chopped roof, lowered suspension and fiery paint job, Kut ‘er up Kustom’s unit obviously has a modified drive line. That is, assuming those cannon-sized exhaust pipes indicate something healthier than the stock 216 CID (3.5L) in-line six cylinder engine that powered 1953 Chevy pickups.


We figure there must be something serious under the hood to match those cannons…


The last year for a split windshield was 1953. The 1954 models had a one-piece curved windshield, a more-advanced 235 CID engine, redesigned grille and dash and an available Hydramatic automatic transmission. But the pickups stayed pretty much the same until GM’s Task Force Series trucks replaced Advance-Design models in March 1955.

Decades later, Advance-Design styling cues were used on the Chevrolet HHR and SSR. And who knows, maybe Kut ‘er up Kustom’s flamed-up ’53 had something to do with that. Kool.



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