1952 Ford F1 Van: East Coaster Today

When this beautifully prepared 1952 Ford F1 panel van was new, one badge stood out and that was the V8 emblem on the front grill.

Although the 239 CID flathead V8 only mustered 100 horsepower, truck aficionados were on the lookout for that emblem.

Ford’s first generation F-Series trucks were built from 1948 until 1952 in a variety of configurations, ranging from the light-duty F1 pick-up to the F7 and F8 heavy duty commercial trucks.



The new F-series trucks replaced trucks that were introduced in 1941. They had a wider cab, passenger side windshield wiper and sun visor, integrated headlamps and an available option called ‘see clear’ – a windshield washer system operated by a foot plunger.



We don’t know the owner of today’s East Coaster but we’ve seen it at the Masstown Market car meets.

Although we don’t know what’s under the hood or the truck’s history, it’s a fine example of what can be done with one of the iconic early 1950s Ford F1 panel trucks.


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