1952 Chevrolet DeLuxe: East Coaster Today

1952 Chevrolet DeLuxe: East Coaster Today

We spotted this eye-catching 1952 Chevrolet Deluxe, today’s East Coaster, in downtown Parrsboro last summer.

Powered by the original 216.5 cubic inch Thrift-Master inline six-cylinder engine with a three-in-the-tree shifted manual transmission, the 95-horsepower car is virtually stock (except for the antlers).


1952 Chevrolet DeLuxe belonging to Jill Horton and Robert Perry, owners of Henry and Lucy’s Antique Shop, in Parrsboro, N.S.


The almost 70-year-old Chevy takes on the role of a local taxicab in the summer months.

The relic is a familiar sight in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. It belongs to Robert Perry and Jill Horton, owners of Henry and Lucy’s Antique Shop, who have owned the old Chevy for six years. The DeLuxe is an extension of the antique business, of course.


Jill Horton in her 1952 Chevy DeLuxe


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    1. Carl! Love it when cars have names. Nice ‘meeting’ you both. Will definitely stop by this summer. If you’re interested, our site has a FB page @EastCoastTester and we’re on Instagram too @EastCoastTesterrr, too!

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