1935 Maple Leaf Truck: East Coaster Today

This beautifully restored 1935 Maple Leaf Truck, spotted at Masstown Market on a golden summer evening, is our East Coaster today.


1935 Maple Leaf Truck


Maple Leaf trucks were essentially Chevrolet pickups built by General Motors of Canada in Oshawa during the pre-war years, starting on July 1, 1930. The idea was that Canadians would be more likely to buy a truck built here. They were also exported to Australia. The Maple Leaf badge was dropped in 1953.



It’s difficult to find much information on these trucks, including how many were built and how many remain. Well, we know there is one beauty here in Atlantic Canada. The owner of this immaculate tow truck is Craig Spinney and, according to Jeff Yorke at Jeff Yorke Auto Restoration, the truck used to belong to Wright’s Service in Westville, Nova Scotia.

Jeff is responsible for the finish and reassembling on this gorgeous truck.



Research shows the payload of these trucks was 1.5 to 2-ton. The trucks were powered by a six-cylinder 235 CID that produced 92 horsepower and 192 lb-feet of torque.

We can’t imagine the work that went into restoring this lovely specimen, or what it looked like before, but… wow!





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2 Responses

  1. Beautiful looking truck. I just saw a restored 1935 Chev 1 1/2 ton restored.It is a dually,built in Oshawa On.It was purchasched from out west,but is here in Boularderie Cape Breton. Do you have any info on how many dually’s might have been made. I am trying to get some info for a good friend.

    1. Hi there, yes it’s a gorgeous truck! Unfortunately we don’t have the information you’re looking for. You might try Jeff Yorke auto Restoration, mentioned in the post, who did the restoration work on this one. Good luck!

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