Wheel Woman: A fondness for 4 funky features on the 2022 Toyota 4Runner

I really enjoyed my time in Toyota’s 4Runner. That’s a bold statement for a vehicle in its fifth generation that hasn’t gotten a serious upgrade since way back when LMFAO was singing ‘I’m sexy and I know it’.


2022 Toyota 4Runner


The following 4 fun and funky features illustrate why I’m a 2022 Toyota 4Runner fan.

1/4 – The back window opens! The electronically controlled rear window that lowers into the hatch raised my like factor, making it one of my favourite fun features of the 4Runner. Most SUVs have ditched this feature and I say ‘boo’ to that. Who says ‘yay’ to the open back window? Long loads, stinky cargo and wet dogs, that’s who!

2/4 – The big clunky knobs, utilitarian gearshift, comfortable seats and big boss steering wheel. In other words, the cockpit. Old school cool.


2022 Toyota 4Runner


3/4 – The window controls on the windowsill.  Although you must raise your hand further off the steering wheel than if the controls were on the armrest, you can see them more clearly on the sill, especially in the daytime, eliminating the need to look down to see which window you are opening.


2022 Toyota 4Runner


4/4 – The truck-like feel of the driving experience. Our 4Runner tester, in the TRD Sport trim, is not the full off-road version but (manually) switching into 4Low or 4High will get you out of many bogged down pickles.



Honourable mention

The 2022 Toyota 4Runner’s cool factor – The handsome, ageless 4Runner catches the eye of (mostly) young men driving pickup trucks, probably thinking: ‘Wow, that silver-haired lady must be cooler than she looks!’


2022 Toyota 4Runner


I’m loving the Toyota 4Runner. 4Sure.


Full review of the 2022 Toyota 4Runner coming soon.


2022 Toyota 4Runner

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