Hey Lexus, that’s a fine-looking UX you have there!

In 2019, you first appeared on the scene. Now, here you are in 2023 with that sleek Ultrasonic Blue Mica gleam. So eye-catching. Great colour!


Flashy, aren’t you?

The 2023 Lexus UX 250h AWD is a hybrid subcompact luxury crossover. It seems wrong to put the word ‘sub’ in the same sentence with the word ‘luxury’ but if anyone knows luxury and understated elegance, it’s Lexus.


2023 Lexus UX 250h AWD


And if anyone knows hybrids, it’s Lexus (Toyota).

The UX stands for Urban Explorer. And that’s what we did, we explored our urban environment. Small and nimble, the UX gets in and around tight corners in downtown Halifax. Fuel-efficient to say the least, the powertrain gives its all in city driving, as hybrids do.


City-slicker – the 2023 Lexus UX 250h AWD


The AWD is perfect for anything East Coast Mother Nature throws at it.


Plenty of polish and elegance in the 2023 Lexus UX

The F-sport package that’s now available on the sharp-dressed UX adds special wheels, grille and a black roof.


2023 Lexus UX 250h AWD


Inside, the updated, larger touchscreen is a plus and I loved murmuring ‘Hey Lexus’ to activate voice controls. The dual microphones and enhanced noise-cancellation make for a more refined experience than yelling at your car when it can’t hear you.


2023 Lexus UX 250h AWD


You get plenty of polish and elegance for under $50,000 even though the UX sits on the same platform as the humble Corolla and Prius.

Lexus has updated steering response and improved the driving dynamics so the UX handles well and it’s fun to drive.


Lisa enjoys exploring Halifax behind the wheel 2023 Lexus UX 250h AWD


The 2023 Lexus UX 250h AWD shines as a composed, quiet urban dweller with plenty of style. A small SUV with big flash.

I’d also like to add: “Hey Lexus! Love that colour!”


Stay tuned for a full review of the 2023 Lexus UX 250h AWD from Richard Russell… coming soon.


Mural by John McPartland @absenarchives


2023 Lexus UX 250h AWD in front of a work of street art in Halifax, Nova Scotia, by John McPartland @absenarchives

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