Loyal customer buys 20th Kia from Edmundston Kia

In 2010, when Denis Charest bought his first Kia from Edmundston Kia in northern New Brunswick, we are sure his family, friends, co-workers and the dealership itself didn’t know what would unfold in the coming years.

Last week Denis picked up his 20th Kia product, a Pacific Blue 2021 Sorento, at Edmundston Kia. You read that right – 20!



This time, Denis’ Kia of choice is the three-row mid-size SUV. He has owned two Telluride SUVs, even an Optima, but the Sorento always calls him back.

We asked him why he trades so often: “I’m nuts about cars!” he explains.

Actually, the 20th Kia he drove off the lot last week is the 81st vehicle Denis has owned in his lifetime… so far!

“I’ve had them all,” he laughs. “Chrysler, Cadillac, Volkswagen, pickup trucks. I even had an International Scout!”

Denis spent his career at the Edmundston Pulp Mill but also owned a vehicle detailing business.

One can imagine how meticulously maintained his cars are. And, with only seven or eight thousand kilometres on the odometer when he is ready to trade, it’s no wonder other Kia customers scramble to purchase Denis’ trade-in.




In fact, we find out that Denis’ 20th Kia is already sold, his 21st has been ordered (in Glacial White with a burgundy leather interior). Number 21 has been sold as well!

Charles Desroches, General Manager and Co-owner at Edmundston Kia, describes Denis as a passionate man. That passion, he says, extends beyond the vehicles themselves, which he obviously enjoys, to the Kia brand and the dealership experience.

For Denis, the team at Edmundston Kia are what make the difference. He refers to them as family and they certainly feel the same way about Denis, his wife and two sons. He is one of the best brand ambassadors Kia could ever hope for.



Why Kia?

“For the price,” Denis offers, “you have a lot more options than other makes and models. The Sorento is an SUV that’s reliable. It’s smooth, silent.”

He also adds that if anything goes wrong, it’s no problem to get service. Although, it’s very rare that anything goes wrong. He spends more time in the sales department than in the service department.

“I won’t go elsewhere,” Denis affirms.

Charles laughs, “Instead of changing the oil, Denis changes cars!”

And that suits the Edmundston Kia family just fine.

Denis is not the only one in the Charest family with a passion for Kia cars. His wife, Judy, has owned two Soul compact crossovers and is now tooling around Edmundston in the cute-ute, Seltos.

Charles Desroches sums it up quite nicely: “Yes, we are happy to see Denis roll into the dealership. We do good business with him and we take care of him, too. It’s a win-win. He’s part of our family.”


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