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As the calendar speeds toward the end of 2021, more than a few shoppers are searching for gift ideas in an effort to treat their gearhead sweetheart.

We’ve gathered together a few suggestions – some from local businesses, some from farther afield – which are sure to put a smile on a car lover’s face this holiday season.


Professional Car Detailing

There’s not a gearhead on this planet who doesn’t like a clean car. Even those of us who like plunking our four-wheel drive rigs into a mud pit appreciate hosing off their machines after a day of fun.

Buying a selection of good quality car care products from a local shop, like Creative Auto Images in Truro, Nova Scotia is a great start, since it will give your car nut a proper set of tools with which to make their car shine. If it’s in budget, pop for a professional detailing job from one of many experts, such as Hooked on Detailing in Dartmouth.



Whether they are completing a full ceramic coating on the paint or simply removing layers of dog hair from the interior, these specialists can make just about any vehicle look like it just rolled out of the showroom.


Driver Education – Atlantic Sports Car Club

It doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie behind the wheel or Lewis Hamilton – there’s always something to learn about driving.

The crew at Atlantic Sports Car Club regularly offer driver education programs designed to improve one’s reaction times and help you make better decisions behind the wheel. Some lessons are taught in a parking lot and focus on how to control one’s vehicle in low-speed maneuvers, while other sessions focus on high speed control and proper racing lines.




Innova Smart Diagnostic System

These days, diagnosing car problems is a bit more advanced than holding the carburetor open with a screwdriver while Uncle Walt floors the gas pedal.

Every modern vehicle has an onboard diagnostic port into which one can plug a device like this Innova 7111 code reader.


Innova 7111 Smart Diagnostic Tablet


This top-shelf version equips enthusiast DIYer’s and shadetree mechanics with OEM level services, wrapped up in an advanced and easy-to-use touchscreen tablet. More than just a simple code-clearing tool, this reader will pinpoint the problem and – in most cases – even recommend specific parts to fix the issue.

Given the amount of money which can be spent trying to blindly repair a vehicle – will an oxygen sensor help? How about a new fuel filter? – this tool will pay for itself in jig time.

Just be aware of one thing: everyone’s going to want to borrow it.


Off-Road Apparel & Gear

Anyone who’s into powersports knows there’s a world of gear and accessories from which to choose – some of it necessary, some of it simply too cool not to have as part of your wardrobe.

In the first category we find products like helmets and goggles, items which have come a long way in terms of features in the last couple of decades.



Anti-fog lenses and vented lids are incredibly helpful, while visors with Transitions-type tech automatically darken when the sun shines. Insulated jackets are just the ticket for snowmobiling at this time of year, and can easily double as a daily winter coat thanks to removable linings.

Be sure to check out HFX Motorsports for all your powersports needs and wants!


Insta360 ONE X2 Camera

Yes, we know – the world has enough selfies. But for the speed freak who likes to document their adventures, this action camera will be right up their alley.

This particular unit has a rugged body and candy bar shape, making it the perfect companion for off-road riding or quickly tossing in one’s bag before heading to the track.



Advanced stabilization features filter out vibrations transmitted to the lens while you’re stomping on the loud pedal, so your footage doesn’t look as if it were filmed in a paint shaker. It’s waterproof to 10 metres, has an easy-to-use touchscreen control, and will surely make users the envy of their trail buddies.


Go-Kart Challenge

If you thought a rousing game of Monopoly was enough to set the competitive fires alight, just wait until you throw a few gearheads into a fleet of all-electric go karts.

Kartbahn Halifax has been offering entertaining driving fun (and more than a bit of competition) for decades, regularly changing up the layout of their track located inside their facility in the Bayer’s Lake area.


Kartbahn Racing in Halifax, NS


Karting sessions are eight minutes each though it usually takes about 10 – 12 minutes from green flag to checkers. How many laps you get depends entirely on your driving skill but the average driver should be able to crack of at least 15 circuits in that amount of time.

Kartbahn Halifax promotes fast and safe driving in a clean, controlled environment – but make no promises about the quality of arguments on the drive home.


Happy Holidays to all the gearheads out there… and their patient partners!


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