1952 Nash-Healey Roadster

1952 Nash-Healey Roadster gets 3D treatment

Living in a Fantasy World

Sometimes you just have to let your daydreams take over. Maybe the only way to stay sane is to enter into a Fantasy World!

Here’s one of my Fantasy Worlds

1952 Nash-Healey Roadster

I’ve always had an interest in cars of various sorts, but lately, I’ve been most interested in classic sports cars. It’s less about the ride, though, and more about the visual aesthetics. Generally, I love painting them as a still life, but perhaps also in its natural habitat, such as a race track or on a remote back country black top.

Though lately, my interest has drifted to recreating these vehicles in 3D applications, so I can enjoy viewing these creations from any point of view, or even location.

Small problem. You’ve got to know how to use 3D applications to create the visualizations. Enter Darrin Lile. He put together a great tutorial on navigating the treacherous 3D environs to create the classic car of your dreams. The first on the list of recreations is the 1952 Nash-Healey roadster.

For the 1952 model year, Nash commissioned Italian designer Battista Farina and his automotive styling company, Pinin Farina, to revise the original body design to reflect the fact that this was now the Nash halo car.

My version of the 1952 Nash-Healey roadster has taken some artistic licence in the construction and features, since I worked from various photos and images. 

This project has now given me incentive to explore additional cars I’d like to ‘build’!

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