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Flashback Alert: Cars of my Youth

I Feel a Flashback Coming On…

On the streets of my youth, with the scent of steamy asphalt and the sound of revving engines filling the air, I found my calling – sort of.

I was drawn, not to the call of the wild nor the whisper of the wind (actually I was, but that’s another story), but to the cacophony of honks and the chaos of congested, narrow streets and traffic lights.

I had a semi-illicit love affair with cars.

Not just any cars, but the ones that graced the streets of my misspent youth. The ones with the chrome glinting in the midday sun, the ones that left a trail of dust in their wake. More than just machines, these cars were a testament to a bygone era.

Today, I pay homage to these mechanical wonders in my usual way (some might say unusual) – by creating car illustrations. Armed with nostalgia, I embrace my past. Each car illustration is a trip down memory lane.

And so, the streets of my youth come alive once again, in the realm of art and fantasy.

Each work becomes part of my story, a memory, a piece of history. I live happily in the past, one car illustration at a time.

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