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East Coaster of the Day: 1972 Ford F-250 Sport Custom Highboy

Take a look at Gerry Brymer’s beautiful 1972 Ford F-250 4×4 Sport Custom Highboy.

It’s hard to imagine that this truck was delivered to Charlie MacLean’s autosales in New Glasgow back in 1971 and only has 40,000 original miles! Charlie owned this truck personally for about six months before Gerry’s father acquired it from him in 1972.

For the next 20 or so years, it was a shop truck for the family-run garage in Guysborough, plowing snow and doing shop truck duties. The original bumpside bed was removed and stored carefully while a steel and wooden one was made for working.

In about 2002, Gerry’s father decided to repaint. After the paint was finished, he rolled it into a garage where it sat for the next 15 years before Gerry hauled her home. Gerry likes to point out that all of the panels are original to the truck.


Cosmetically, the truck hasn’t really changed from his father’s ownership, but Gerry had to get the 360 2 barrel running.

With a 4 on the floor and 4.11 gears (good for about 10 MPG), Gerry doesn’t go very far with it but every mile contains a smile!

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