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 1966 Bronco Half Cab

The countdown is on.

In 10 days, after 24 years, Ford’s iconic Bronco is returning to the assembly line. Let the frenzy for the 2021 Ford Bronco begin.

Danny Anderson’s first-generation Denim Blue and Wimbledon White 1966 Bronco has a 289 cubic-inch V8 engine with a C4 automatic transmission.



“It was rotten,” says Danny, refering to the condition of the vehicle when he bought it three years ago. He and friends, Wayne Gilbert and Mike Gallant, re-did the vehicle from front to back and… WOW!



The 1966 Bronco debuted in Summer 1965. It was an instant hit, going after the Jeep CJ-5 and the International Harvester Scout. Ford’s first SUV was stylish, rugged like a truck but with a car-like footprint, affordable, flexible and capable. Through five generations until 1996, it held its loyalty among fans.

For 63 per cent of Bronco collectors, the first generation (1966-1977) remains the most in-demand. The median age of Bronco collectors is younger by seven years than for other classic cars. Millennials love the Bronco, too, but are more interested in the fifth generation from 1992 to 1996.

Modified Broncos are the most sought after (nine out of ten collected are modified). The highest price ever paid for an unmodified Bronco was $143,000. According to Hagerty, the hefty price tag was for a 1971 Bronco Stroppe Baja Edition.

Danny Anderson’s bucking beautiful Bronco is a keeper…. maybe. There’s always another project, right?




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